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Our SAS Couples

Let me start off by saying I was stupid and did not hire Sarah Day/SAS Weddings from the start. After a not-so-good experience with another wedding planner I had to make the decision to part ways and that is when a co-worker and friend referred me to Sarah Day. Once my now hubby and I met with Sarah, she became our Queen-in-shining-glittery heels! She had to come into a somewhat planned wedding and pick up the pieces which was no easy task.


Sarah did so much behind the scenes amazing work that I can't even begin to tell you how much and what she tackled. She is a professional, hard-working, dedicated, beautiful-souled woman that I know I could not have had the wedding I wanted without her. She has the best taste that I could (and did) leave most of my decor for her to decide. Seriously, her taste is impeccable. Sarah was beyond organized and really takes the time to meet with and understand her clients' needs. (Believe me when I say you don't get that type of service with all wedding planners). You can and should breathe a sigh of relief with Sarah. Even if you think it is quiet and nothing is happening, Sarah is working her magic behind the scenes. Don't stress out and know she has your back. She referred me to some of the best professionals in the business and was super patient with everyone involved. I can't say enough about how wonderful, talented, and amazing Sarah Day is. There really are no words to express how happy I am to have trusted Sarah with our wedding.


Her assistants Ginny & Stacy were also AMAZING. They felt like friends I've had all my life. They do all the stressing (while smiling) so you can enjoy your day. Do yourself a huge favor and book SAS Weddings; it will be the BEST decision you make. Just make sure your bridal party and guests treat her well. She is special and doesn't deserve to deal with rude and stupid. (I know since I owe her the biggest apology for the prankster groomsmen in my wedding - not cool). We are forever in her debt.


Rebecca + Justin

Sarah is excellent and was a vital part of our wedding day running so smoothly! Our biggest regret was not hiring Sarah sooner! Choosing to work with Sarah was by far the best decision we made during our wedding planning process. From the start, she was extremely helpful and took a lot of the wedding planning load off of our shoulders. Sarah read through all of our contracts and created a timeline for our entire weekend. This was not an easy task, as our band had very specific set break requirements. Sarah also helped us make some important decisions that affected how our day would feel.


On the wedding weekend, Sarah met with the entire wedding party for a few minutes immediately following the rehearsal to introduce herself and give us a rundown for the wedding day. She made sure that everyone knew what time they should arrive the following day. On the wedding day, she was working non-stop, whether that was assisting the wedding party with getting ready, setting up decorations at the reception venue, communicating with all of our vendors (photographer, videographer, band, venue, etc), or anything else that needed to get done. It was a massive weight lifted off our shoulders not having to worry about any of this on our big day. She made sure everything ran as scheduled and had everyone where they needed to be on time.


Sarah also has a massive emergency kit that has ANYTHING you could possibly need. It began to rain after the ceremony while we were taking pictures and Sarah brought out a transparent umbrella - perfect for taking sweet photos in the rain! We had even considered ordering one of these umbrellas ahead of time but didn't want to tempt fate :) At the reception, Sarah was always keeping us in the loop as to what was next (first dance, cake cutting, toasts, etc.) and even instructed us on how to make the first cut of the cake! She kept us on track but still allowed us to enjoy our reception.

Here's the best part - when my wife and I left the reception, Sarah simply handed my in-law's their car keys and they were able go home! She and her assistant had collected all of our personal items/decor without any of our family/friends having to do anything! If there is one thing we would suggest that you do for your wedding, it's to hire Sarah! We would HIGHLY recommend hiring her for your wedding planning needs!


Libby + Alex

SAS Weddings is one of the best decisions I made for our big day! Not a single person in the wedding party or family was stressed because they had it ALL under control. I highly recommend them to any bride!


Caroline + Matt

I never understood the necessity of having an event planner--that is until we worked with you.  You were truly invaluable.  You were like our right-hand!  Whenever questions or issues arose you were right on it and helped straighten out problems thus easing our frazzled nerves all during the planning process.


On the wedding day you were on top of everything, seeing that the day went smoothly.  You told us where to be and when--over and over when we forgot and you never were annoyed or impatient.  You were wonderful. 

You were an unobtrusive manager at the evening reception--even fixing my "jewelry malfunction".  I just can't say, "Thank you" enough !!!"


Happy & Appreciative Mother of the Bride

I cannot stress enough how valuable a wedding planner is! It is 100% worth the additional cost (even if you think otherwise before, you will be SO glad that you did). As a super organized, detail oriented person myself, I could not have achieved the wedding of my dreams without the help of my wedding planner, because there are so many little details (and big ones) that go into making the day a success. Valerie was super easy to talk to and share ideas with.

Never once did I feel pressured to do something a certain way. She kept me organized and managed all of my vendors (something that is not fun to do the week of your wedding when you should be relaxing). Day of the wedding, we were running behind due to hair and makeup and she made sure that we were still able to get everything accomplished without feeling rushed. They truly run the show and make sure everything is going as planned (from bustling my dress, helping the groomsmen with bowties, setting up the favors, making sure people don’t get lit on fire during the sparkler send off, collecting our belongings and delivering them to the hotel, and best of all- packing up reception meals for my groom and I to eat after our after party in our hotel room).


My parents and guests raved about her. Totally worth having a wedding planner!


Lauren + Alex

My family and I were so blessed to have Sarah Day help plan our special day with SAS Weddings- they did an amazing job! They had everything organized and made me feel so calm throughout the day.


If you are looking for a team that will keep your schedule on point and also have the bride's back, I highly recommend SAS Weddings. Ask for Sarah Day- she is an absolute angel.


Becca + Bradley

Without a doubt, working with Sarah was the best decision we made for our wedding- and the best money we spent.

Initially my husband and I were just looking for someone to help with month-of logistics for our New Year's Eve wedding and to provide some design advice. Our venue referred us to Sarah, and we immediately clicked. Sarah completely understood our vision- something that held true throughout the entire process. I felt so comfortable turning to Sarah for her opinion in decision making, and trusted her to make last-minute decisions for us. As a self-confessed control freak, I can't tell you how amazing that was.

Sarah introduced us to several other vendors, all of whom provided excellent, seamless service. She took over vendor communications for us in the weeks before the wedding, which meant we could focus on our vows, learning our first dance, and all of our pre-wedding jitters :) She also offered several services a la carte- we had her send our invitations and manage RSVPs, as well as create her signature glittered champagne bottles as our wedding favors.

As for our wedding day, Sarah and her team went above and beyond to make sure the day went smoothly and that my husband and I were able to focus on each other and our guests. Sarah and Val were there through our first look and wedding party portraits to fluff trains and reapply lipstick. She coordinated the entire day and every detail flawlessly. We've had so many guests compliment and ask about Sarah- I know that cannot be true for everyone in the industry.

Sarah is a true professional. She is thorough, detail oriented, and committed to bringing your vision to life- all while making sure that you are having the best day ever. I can't say enough about her- thank you Sarah for making our day absolutely perfect!


Kaitlin + Ryan

Sarah really was my right hand through it all.
Planning a wedding can definitely be overwhelming, and lucky for me she was always there when I needed someone to make the work seem easier.
We knew she would always do what was best for us and to help our vision come to Life.
The day of the wedding she made sure everything ran smoothly. If anything was off, I never found out. She is great about making you feel relaxed, especially on your wedding day!
The evening of my wedding, She was there the whole time, fixing my dress when needed, catering to my immediate family, working with the vendors to make sure no one missed anything, and she even carried my lip gloss around for me. At one point, we thought a button popped off the top of my dress, and she was right there with a needle and thread. She is awesome.

I can’t imagine what my wedding would have been like without SAS weddings. Thank you again Sarah


Florencia + Hani

Sarah Day was our day of planner and we felt like she went above and beyond to make our day come together seamlessly. We had a large wedding (288 guests) and an unusual caterer (Chinese food that needed to be cooked in woks/steamers outside) for the venue, so there were a lot of times where we were worried. That's where Sarah made us feel reassured. She had a timeline set for all the vendors, she coordinated with us beforehand, made a table chart for the room and showed us her design for the entire wedding venue. Sarah was always calm, direct and always lead us in the right direction.


The day of the wedding, I seriously felt no stress and I felt like everything went perfectly. I couldn't have asked for a better planner. We truly appreciated her attention to detail and for her bringing everything back to our hotel before we even arrived post-wedding. Everything was thought out well and executed in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Sarah and her team to anyone getting married (even suggest upgrading and having her handle more stuff).


Nellie + Luke

I know that Ellen will send both you and Sarah an email but I had to as well.  Thanks so much for all you did for us and for Amanda to make her day so great.  You (and Stacy) were so good at your jobs you kept this group of animals trained and focused all day.  You anticipated issues and set corrections in motion, you sewed buttons on jackets, fixed flowers on stands, organized groups to the minute and kept the entire production on track.  The best however, was the look on Justin’s face when you told him to spit the gum into your hand.  


Val, you are awesome at your job, a super nice person and a pleasure to work with.  Thanks so much!


~ Father of the Bride, Geri

Amanda + Justin

"This is from a groom's perspective btw... Don't hesitate. If you're trying to cut costs, I get it; but this is not the place to get cheap. Before we booked SAS I really had a hard time understanding "why" we needed a planner. My wife thought she needed one, and I was fine with that if I could understand exactly what they do. I even made her talk to me on the phone and give a sales pitch of sort. The answer to my question of "What exactly do you do?" was answered pretty intently that they do EVERYTHING. This seemed a bit over the top and I was hoping for specifics, but it was pretty clear we were going to get a planner.


It wasn't until wedding day that I finally figured out the specifics of what "everything" was. From finding lost ties after the reception, fixing pocket squares that were completely wrong (something that would have taken us guys hours to figure out) minutes before pictures, organizing rehearsal, pictures, etc., to having some toothpicks on hand after dinner.


They seriously do everything, and I'm sure I don't even know about most of it. I've been a part of weddings where after the reception all we want to do is go out and party, however first we had to help pick everything up, stack chairs, pack up gifts, gather decorations, flowers etc. At our wedding SAS handled all of this and then some. My wife and I, our family and friends, and our bridal parties were able to leave knowing beforehand that SAS would be there to handle all of the after party chores. It made the night truly enjoyable for everyone. Our wedding was amazing, and the little things that went on behind the scenes are what made it that way. Do yourself a favor and don't underestimate what SAS could do for your wedding as well."

Casey + Jason

Valarie from SAS is the absolute best wedding planner there is. Period. The most professional and organized person i have seen. You do not realize how important a good wedding planner is until it's crunch time. I've been to many weddings and seen wedding planners sit around or try to give direction to vendors, wedding party members and guests. They cannot control a crowd, stay on schedule and have an i don't care attitude. Valarie is the sweetest, nicest person that gets the job done in an impeccable manner. Anything you need she says without hesitation "It's already taken care of, sure, no problem, I will do that right away" and so on. Her communication and follow up skills are top notch. She just went above and beyond in every possible way and actually cares. It shows this is her passion, her craft and she is unbelievable at it. Our entire wedding party actually complimented us on Valarie. That's how good she was. From the bottom of my new wife's heart and mine I want to thank Valarie for providing us with the best wedding planner service possible. No one could ever be any better or more likeable:) Thank you Valarie!

Amy + Joseph

I never understood the necessity of having an event planner--that is until we worked with you.  You were truly invaluable.  You were like our right-hand!  Whenever questions or issues arose you were right on it and helped straighten out problems thus easing our frazzled nerves all during the 9 month planning process.

On the wedding day you were on top of everything, seeing that the day went smoothly.  You told us where to be and when--over and over when we forgot and you never were annoyed or impatient.  You were wonderful.  You came prepared with all kinds of last minute problem solvers--for example a corkscrew for the wedding ceremony wine bottle.

You were an unobtrusive manager at the evening reception--even fixing my "jewelry malfunction".  I just can't say, "Thank you" enough Val!!! ~ Arlene, Happy & Appreciative Mother of the Bride

Melissa + Garret

Sarah and her team are top notch!! We came to Sarah having only selected a venue and she took care of all the rest! She knows everyone in the business and was able to hook us up with the best vendors. Everything went so smoothly and the end result was more than we ever expected! Sarah's passion for weddings truly shows in everything she does. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for perfection and professionalism.

Tara + Brian

I didn't have to worry about a thing the day of the wedding - she kept everything from vendors, photography, transportation and wedding party on track so that my husband and I could truly enjoy and cherish the day! She listens to what's important to you and makes it happen. Thank you Sarah!

Jamie + David

Sarah and her team did an absolutely amazing job. From the beginning, Sarah really listened and understood our style and vision for the day. She did an amazing job hooking us up with vendors we would have never known about. She was always very quick to respond and incredibly well organized. On the day of the wedding, I could have sworn she was in 3 places at once. Hiring SAS weddings was absolutely one of the best things we could have done for our wedding.

Monica + Giancarlo

I want to take the time to thank both you and Val for handling my daughter’s wedding on January 2nd 2016.  I could have never handled all the details of that day without the two of you.  Both of you went above and beyond to make the day run smoothly and without so much as a hiccup!  You truly allowed me to enjoy the day with my daughter and not be concerned about any of the behind the scenes details.  Would highly recommend you to anyone that asks!  ~ Angela

Stephanie + Chris

Sarah and her team at SAS Weddings were there for us from start to finish. She made all our wedding dreams come true and became a close friend through the process! We love SAS!

Natalie + Freddie

Sarah and her team did an absolutely amazing job as our "day of" wedding coordinator! Everything from planning out the timeline perfectly to sewing up my dress flawlessly! She made the wedding day stress free and so much fun! She is professional and knows anything and everything there is to know about the wedding world, which was super helpful in the weeks/months leading up to the wedding. I would recommend her to anyone getting married. She will make your big day the best day and you will wish you could do it every weekend!! Thank you Sarah! You're the best!!

Ruthie + Curry

Sarah is absolutely the best. She helped put together our dream wedding and we will always be grateful to her. I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone who needs help planning their wedding.

Paulina + Ray

Sarah Day was a brilliant addition to our beautiful wedding weekend. Her attention to detail, great style-sense, ability to organize a large group, and stay calm amidst the chaos is truly a gift. Sarah cares about the people involved, knows how to incorporate memorable moments into a whirlwind day, and is creative in her approach to challenges. We were so grateful to have Ms. Day with us, helping our event run smoothly while alleviating all worry and stress from our minds. She obviously loves what she does, is a true professional, and we couldn't have had the amazing event we had without her!

Alyssa + Chris

Seattle, WA

Sarah went above and beyond in helping to make my daughter's wedding perfect. She is a detailed person and has the extra sense to know where she is needed and what needs to be done. Somehow she was everywhere at the right time! She was in contact with all of my vendors to be sure the day went as smooth as possible. I had two weddings in two years, and I could enjoy my daughters wedding knowing that every detail was taken care of. Our wedding party was very large, and she handled every personality perfectly. I would with out ANY hesitation say she is a MUST HAVE at your event! And, you will be glad you did!

Cami + Daniel

Sarah and her team members did a great job!! I highly recommend their services, they were organized, professional and overall just friendly which is what you want on your wedding day!!! Not to mention they were affordable :-) A big plus, due to all other wedding expenses!!!

Megan + Bob

Absoulty love Sara everything you can ever ask for all the things you wouldn't think of that need to be done and when crazy unexpected things happen she's got them handled and you never knew anything was wrong!! Hands down best ever!


Jill + Ken

Couer d' Alene, ID

Sarah is amazing! I hired Sarah to be my "Day of" Coordinator for my wedding after realizing I couldn't do it myself. I am in the wedding industry,and I really thought I could handle it all myslef. I came to the realization this was my my big day and I didn't need to "work". Sarah went above and beyond what I thought I expected. She held my hand and helped me make many important decisions. The day of my wedding was easy, I just got to be the princess. She organized everyone and everything perfectly. Sarah was priceless, I would have been a Bridezilla without her. My only mistake was I didn't hire her at the very beginning. I will say hands down she was the most important piece to my wedding, it would have been so stressful without her.

Katie + David

Sarah day, she is a Gem!!!! I love her personality; great listener. cool.calm, collective lady, she took the strain and pressure off of me, and this is a big plus!!!!!

Sonia + Alex

Sarah was very professional and personable, and our wedding wouldn't

have run as smoothly without her.

Sophia + Mike

Where to begin...... we actually had 2 weddings in one month planned in less than 6 months. One wedding was in Atlanta, GA and the other was in Positano Italy off the Amalfi coast. Sarah handled everything for me so I could enjoy the day with my friends and family. During the evening my dress was stepped on and the button popped off my bustle.... Sarah got out her sewing kit and put it back on for me!! While I was in my dress.... Amazing!!! And in Italy we brought Sarah in again and Sarah was worth every penny....... It wasnt just that she handled the vendors and lined up the day for us. She helped us navigate the challenges we didn’t even know we were going to have. I am a interior designer by trade.. I have owned my business for 9 years..... so I can manage details.


The problem with a wedding is you don’t know what details or obstacles you are going to encounter. Sarah gave us amazing advice thought out the entire process. She helped us navigate all the challenges we faced on our big day. In the long run Sarah will not cost you money, she will save you money and help you get the most for you wedding!!.

Abbi + Chris

Positano, Italy

Sarah was so helpful throughout our planning process and during our ceremony and reception. All we had to worry about all day was getting married and having fun.

Ashley + Matt

Thank you so much for your help planning and executing the most perfect wedding.

You made our day and we appreciate everything you did for us!


Kim + Billy

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