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What Not to Wear to a Wedding - as a Guest

Maybe we should have named this blog post "What to Wear" but this sensitive issue keeps coming up. First of all we would just like to say that we keep our blogs very positive so we are trying really hard not to turn this into a Total Rant. But W.O.W. our feathers sure got ruffled lately as the start of Spring Wedding Season is upon us.

If the Bride wants you to wear white, then she will specifically ask you to do so. It will be in her invitation suite and on the wedding website. If she has not then for the love of weddings don't show up in any shade of white to her wedding.

It's totally understandable that you want to wear something light and dreamy to a spring wedding, or any wedding for that matter ... but ask yourself this question before you purchase that dress.

Are You The Bride?

If you are not the Bride then please for love of everything holy don't get a WHITE -CREAM - BEIGE - BEADED - BLUSH - PASTEL LACE DRESS!

These are a couple of pins (along with others) that we came across that made our blood boil ... and we

can see why there seems to be so much confusion about what a guest should wear to a wedding.

So SAS is here to clear it up! These are totally gorgeous looks for a wedding day, rehearsal dinner, or a farewell brunch... If You Are The Bride.

The red lace gown is a fabulous look for a wedding guest. But if we catch a guest in a white jump suit on wedding day and you're not our bride then you will get an {eye roll}!

For instance this inspiration has been pinned over 11,000 times. And if you're the Bride then it's a wonderful choice. But if you're a guest please steer clear.

Yes wedding traditions are changing everyday. It's hard to keep up sometimes. Along with dress codes in general ... because whew YES you can finally wear white after Labor Day (just not to a wedding).

With all these new ideas and trends mixed with extremely popular shopping websites and Pinterest with pages and pages of Wedding Guest Inspiration looks. It's very easy to see how someone can get confused.

Trust us - there is nothing worse than showing up to a wedding as a guest and competing with the brides look.

Not This Blush Dress | Yes This High- Low Black Gown

Not This Blush Dress | Yes This High- Low Black Gown

Yes This Royal Blue off the shoulder dress| Not This Pastel Pink Gown

Yes This Royal Blue off the shoulder dress| Not This Pastel Pink Gown

One of the best new trends in the wedding industry right now is Pastel Wedding Gowns. Rarely are our brides wearing a bright stark white wedding gown anymore. With all the wedding dress colors choices in soft pink, champagne, blush, ivory, and beige a bride has now. This is the very reason as a guest it's difficult for you to show up in soft pastel, blush, ivory, or light champagne dress. Our brides have taken so much time, effort, and money to select the perfect wedding gown to wow everyone with on her wedding day.

Do you really want to be that person that looks like her twinsie on the most important day of her life?

There are so many gorgeous dresses out there fit for any wedding with beautiful floral patterns, lace details, and striking silhouettes. We have a few of our favorites from Rent the Runway & Nordstrom's shown here to help give you some inspiration.

We get it ... you don't want to be too over dressed or too under dressed. It's a delicate wardrobe balance of looking your best on someone else's most important day. So please make sure that when you get your picture taken with the bride on her wedding day that you compliment her and not compete with her.

Enjoy shopping for a new dress that you get to wear to a wedding and many other occasions in the future. Or enjoy Rent the Runway where you can have it shipped directly to you then return it on Monday without cluttering your closet. Either way it's a Win for Shopping in our book!


SAS Weddings

Photo Credit :: Rent the Runway Wedding Looks

Pinterest :: Wedding Outfits Guest

Pinterest :: John Lewis Wedding Guest Inspiration

Nordstrom :: Wedding Guest Inspiration

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