Ashley + Matt | Real SAS Wedding

April 25, 2015

There are some people you mee in this world who are the sweetest ever! You know the ones I'm talking about. While we all have stories in life there are people we meet that have a story beyond us... one that touches our deepest emotions.This couple not only had a beautiful story but also a beautiful wedding that we were overjoyed to be a part of.

We hope you enjoy as much as we did!

Way back in the day when gas was under three dollars, when Harry Potter was just a half-blood prince, when sending a tweet started to become popular, when the King of Pop passed away, when our President started his first term, and even before Lebron took his talents to South Beach, there was a pretty girl that started to gain interest in some ordinary guy.

The year was 2009, and boy, was she quite the catch. This ordinary guy had no choice but to sweep her off her feet. The flirting started at the workplace, evolved into a party hang, and blossomed into a first date. By that time she didn't know what hit her. The charm worked! Date after date piled up which turned into month after month and year after year. This budding romance was on course for great things. There have been ups and downs like in all fairytales, but with these two there is nothing but a happy ending in store.