Gifts vs. Alternative Wedding Registries

July 19, 2018

Gifts, Funds and Alternative Wedding Registries

A question that keeps coming up lately revolves around Gifts vs. Money or Honeymoon Funds. I am thrilled at all the new prospects for registries today both in-store and online. I want to highlight a few to help shed some light on all the new technology available to couples along with wonderful features for in-store gift registries.


No matter what you feel is the perfect registry for you is, there still will be guests that will want to bring a tangible present, so I would caution against not registering anywhere, as you really open yourself up to the unknown and who knows what you can end up with.




According to research the average age of couples getting married has reached a record high. More couples are waiting until after college and careers are set in place to take that walk down the aisle than ever before. Combine that with the number of second marriages and that has led to merging of two households rather than the setting up of one. So what do you do when you have multiple sets of dishes, sheets and towels but have wonderful guests looking help you start your new life together? Here are a few options for you to consider…