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While planning a wedding has always been touted as a stressful time, the Coronavirus has taking it to an all time level. We know this is an extreamly difficult time for everyone that is planning a wedding right now.

Our SAS Team has been actively working with all our SAS Couples with Spring Wedding dates that needed to postpone to a later date. But we have also been informed of many couples that do not currently have a wedding planner that are in need of assistance and guidance during this unprecedented time.

Belief Wedding Planners from 36 countries will be available for free consultations and advice to couples that don't have a wedding planner during this, let's face it crazy time.

SAS Weddings is proud to offer our services through this amazing group!

Just click on the link below to submit your information to Belief or reach out to SAS directly.


This is a pro bono service, offered to couples who had to or are in the process of rescheduling their wedding due to the Coronavirus. Those couples will be able to ask questions to a dedicated wedding planner that will work directly with you on your wedding.



We are all in this together!

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  • Should I cancel all together or reschedule?


Please do not cancel! There are so many ways to work through this difficult time with your Wedding Professionals by your side. Don’t feel like you have to do this alone. There are local Wedding Professionals willing to help out and so many virtual resources popping up every day to help assist you.


  • What’s the best way to reschedule?

If you are not currently working with a wedding planner please reach out to your Venue and Photographer first to see what their available dates are how they are personally taking care of their clients during this time.


  • Which vendors should I contact first?

This one unfortunately could be a bit tricky. As all of my clients know I am a huge proponent of photography. An amazing professional photographer will be able capture wonderful moments no matter where you are. From there you should prioritize the vendors that are the most important to you in fitting into your new wedding date. I wish I could wave a magic wand to make all your vendors be able to fit back into the puzzle but the reality of the matter is that you may not be able to make this happen.


  • How should I start that conversation and should it be done on a phone call, email, or other type of communication?

We are all doing everything (except meeting in person) right now. Phone, Skype, Zoom, and Email have been critical at this moment. Having a conversation on the phone or a video call is very important so you can have contact with your vendors. But whatever is decided in those calls please also follow up with a written email to document the changes and either sign a new contract or get an amendment to the original contract with all your vendors.


  • My contract says my deposit/retainer is non-refundable. Does that apply in this current situation?

Yes it does, your contract is contractually binding. (I’m not a lawyer just a Wedding Planner 😉) However, with that being said some vendors are making some extremely difficult exceptions to this rule right now. Exceptions that can have huge financial impacts to that business. But they are working diligently to make your wedding dreams come true for you. If there is a “small” rebooking fee or you do end up losing your non-refundable retainer. Please know that is very much needed by the vendor to maintain their business to continue to serve you.


  • What will be the hardest vendor to reschedule with?

Many Wedding Vendors book up their calendars with wedding dates 6 to 12 months in advanced. Which is complicating the re-booking process for many couples. We understand how difficult and disappointing this can be. The reason it’s called “The Planning Process” is because it’s a process to put it all together. And now you are being asking to quickly revisit all those choices and contracts to a future date.

First of all take a deep breath and it’s ok to cry (I know I have) but then sit down and make a priority list of the items and people are truly most important to you. From that list you will be able discern what direction to go in if you can’t put the puzzle back together again exactly the way it used to look. At the end of the day even if you get married in your back yard. You are still married!


  • If I have to cancel, when should I start making new wedding plans?

Please don’t cancel! We are all here to help you through this together for a later date. No matter if you get married in a month or cherish a beautiful winter wedding. We Got This! If you chose to plan your wedding yourself but are feeling overwhelmed with some of the choices and decisions you have to make right now. Please reach out and talk to a Wedding Planner and your Photographer. We are all in this together and I still firmly believe that we are stronger together.

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